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Careers Join a team dedicated to collaborative care

We’re a fast-growing healthcare provider, emphasising a proactive culture of collaborative care. If you’re interested in joining us, drop us a line to find out about current opportunities – [email protected]

Available Roles At Brellah

  • Physiotherapist

    On-site in Brellah’s purpose-made gym, Movement HQ, the Physiotherapist will work alongside a care team which includes a GP, additional allied health and relevant specialists to draft care plans, conduct health assessments and ensure best practice care. As an expert in human function the key responsibilities include alleviating patient pain and preventing disabilities by planning and administering medically prescribed therapy.

  • Medical Administrator

    The Brellah administrative assistant is an important role within the practice that ensures the management of secretarial duties fully supports the delivery of quality clinical care by the practitioners. The administrative assistants provide support to the practitioners, case managers and management by ensuring the practice runs efficiently and effectively on a daily basis. This includes the coordination of all patient appointments and accounts, preparation of medical reports and meeting patient needs in a compassionate, caring manner to achieve excellent patient service and care.

  • Nurse Case Manager (Host)

    The Brellah Nurse Host is at the centre of the collaborative care model and critical to ensuring patients have access to the right care at the right time. As a registered nurse, they coordinate all aspects of the care of individual patients. They ensure proper utilization of services and resources and provide assistance within, between, and outside of facilities.