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GP Health Checks Health checks are an important part of disease prevention to ensure optimum long-term health and quality of life. Our GP screening involves testing for conditions in their early stages, before symptoms have developed.

Who needs a health check?

Health checks are generally recommended for:

  • anybody with a family history of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, joint issues or cancers – or displaying symptoms of potential disease
  • women planning to start a family
  • women over 25 years old for cervical screening
  • age 40 and over for a general health assessment
  • age 50 and over for bowel, breast and testicular screening
  • age 65 and over for general assessments or monitoring of conditions
  • anybody seeking sexual health testing
  • teenagers needing help with anxiety or mental health issues.

All GP health checks conducted within our clinic are bulk-billed.

What type of screening is involved?

Recommendations depend on your age group, lifestyle and specific risk factors for a particular disease, and may involve:.

  • tests, such as blood tests
  • physical examinations, such as basic skin checks (e.g. cryogenics)
  • cardiac testing such as ECG, ultrasounds or stress testing
  • advice on self-checks, such as breast or testicular self-examination.

In fitness and in health

As part of your health check you’ll also receive a 7-day free trial at our on-site fitness centre, Movement HQ.  Our supportive team will help you increase your motivation and reach your fitness goals so you can enjoy the combined benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle

Types of Health Checks at Brellah

Your GP will let you know which health checks you should have and when to have them.

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Our capable, caring GPs are here for you whether you need occasional or long-term health support. Brellah’s GPs can refer you to our in-house team of specialist doctors, dietitians, exercise physiologists and mental health professionals, ensuring you receive convenient, coordinated care.

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