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Hip & Knee Clinic Treatment and rehabilitation for hip and knee pain

Your hips and knees are large, hard working joints that bear the weight of your upper body and help you move.

Hip pain or knee pain can be the result of a sudden injury like a fall, which breaks bones or tears soft tissue. You can also develop hip or knee pain due to long-term wear and tear on your joints, which results in conditions like osteoarthritis.


Hip and Knee Pain Treatment

At the Brellah Hip & Knee Clinic, we use a multi-disciplinary approach to ensure you are on the treatment path suited to your individual health needs.

Our hip and knee specialist (an orthopaedic surgeon) will see you to diagnose the cause of your hip or knee pain and create a treatment plan to relieve your symptoms.


Non-surgical treatment for hip and knee pain

If you don’t need surgery, your treatment may involve medication to relieve pain alongside building your muscle strength and flexibility under the guidance of our in-house physiotherapist or exercise physiologist.

The Brellah Rehabilitation Program is part of the Hip & Knee Clinic and is available to both surgical and non-surgical patients. It’s led by fully qualified physiotherapists and exercise physiologists who work with you through exercise and functional movement to best support your body by:

  • working towards better joint mobility
  • improving your whole body’s strength, flexibility and balance
  • improving overall health and wellbeing.


Surgical treatment for hip and knee pain

If your condition requires an operation, our in-house and in-network orthopaedic surgeons specialise in:

  • primary, complex and revision joint replacements
  • minimally invasive partial joint replacements
  • hip resurfacing and
  • advanced arthroscopic techniques.


Prehab and rehabilitation for hips and knees

The Brellah Hip and Knee Clinic is an integrated, holistic service.

To ensure you get the most out of your surgery, we enrol you in our in-house prehabilitation and rehabilitation programs.

Prehab ensures you go into surgery in the best possible shape, increasing the odds of a good outcome. Rehab helps you get back into shape afterwards. Together, prehab and rehab deliver benefits such as:

  • a shorter hospital stay
  • quicker recovery times
  • less pain and need for pain medications
  • less risk of dislocation and no need for postoperative restrictions in motion.


How does the Hip and Knee Clinic work?

Our Hip & Knee Clinic gives you a multidisciplinary orthopaedic team under one roof. You can choose to see every member of your treatment team in one visit or multiple visits depending on your preference.

To get started, ask your GP to refer you to the Brellah Hip and Knee Clinic or make an appointment with our in-house GP who will organise a referral for you, see the Brellah GP page here.



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