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Rehabilitation & Prehabilitation If you’ve got surgery coming up or working to avoid surgery, it’s never too soon to start the planning.

Our expert team will offer tailored, medically supervised prehabilitation and rehabilitation programs. whether before or after your event, or following serious injury.


What to expect


Our programs are designed with you in mind. Perhaps you’re trying to avoid surgery, or you’ve recently had a joint replacement, in partnership with an exercise physiologist or physiotherapist we will develop a tailored program to empower you to achieve your goals.

Before Surgery

Preparation is key to achieving the best outcomes from your surgery. By spending a little extra time preparing for your surgery and working with our movement experts to develop an individualised program, you will feel stronger and more confident leading into your recovery.

After Surgery

We understand that everyone is different in their recovery, so whether your goal is to get back to walking your dog, playing with your grandchildren or to run a marathon, we can help to get you there. With our three-stage program to recovery we will lay the foundations by regaining movement and building strength before finally progressing towards your long-term goals and outcomes.

Stage 1: Regain Mobility -Restore leg control

-Normalise gait

-Commence strength program

Stage 2: Regain Strength -Regain and improve muscular strength

-Single leg stand control

-Good control and no pain with functional movements

Stage 3: Regain Function -Improve muscular strength and endurance

-Good control and no pain with sport/work specific movements, including impact activities

-Group-based exercise


Post-Surgical Recovery Timeframes (estimated)
Total Replacement 4+ months
Partial Replacement 3+ months
Arthroscopy 1-2+ months

Disclaimer: these timeframes are a guide only and results may vary patient to patient.


Is this suitable for me?

  • Suffering with chronic knee or hip pain
  • Looking to avoid surgery through pre & rehabilitation
  • Preparing for surgery e.g. ACL, knee/hip replacements
  • Rehabilitation after surgery
  • Maintaining overall strength and fitness whilst you recover
  • Needing guidance on how to exercise safely

What is involved in the programs?

  • One to one or small group exercise classes led by a movement expert
  • Individualised exercise programs with guidance from an on-site exercise physiologist or physiotherapist
  • Education around managing your injury or rehabilitation after surgery
  • Integrated team of orthopaedic surgeons and health professionals to guide you through your recovery



Building 8, Forest Central Business Park
49 Frenchs Forest Road East
Frenchs Forest NSW 2086



  • Knee Pre & Rehab:
    • 11:00am Tuesdays
    • 6:00pm Thursdays
  • Hip Pre & Rehab
    • 6:00pm Tuesdays
    • 11:00am Thursday



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