Welcome to Brellah

We believe in actively challenging the healthcare paradigm to improve the health outcomes for all involved.


Brellah is a group of medical centres that strive to maintain best health throughout the ageing process to patients with chronic health conditions who require long-term specialist care.


Our infrastructure, collaborations and technologies give the patient access to the right people at the right time, overall making their healthcare journey more pleasant, less stressful and much more productive.

We believe in playing an active role in a patient’s road to good health, and in helping patients create positive long-term habits. Our team at Movement HQ, a gym specialising in active ageing, our allied health team including nutritionists offering personal advice and group cooking classes all add to the unique offering that is Brellah.

Value Based Care


We believe success is based on providing better patient outcomes through our collaborative care model. Brellah will always strive to improve patients’ clinical, emotional and economic outcomes by aligning our priorities with the patient.

Integrated Care


Brellah provides seamless, effective and efficient care that reflects the whole of a person’s health needs; from prevention of disease all the way through to end of life care, across both physical and mental health domains, and in partnership with the individual, their carers and their family. A Brellah patient in a one-time visit can meet with their GP, specialist and allied health team who will work together to provide an optimal care plan.

Technology Enabled Care


Brellah is data-driven, and enabled through technology software to accurately measure success from patient outcomes. Within the Australian healthcare system there is a lack of data relating to individual outcomes, experiences of care and transitions between health, rehabilitation and aged care services. To demonstrate long term value to patients and payers, data capture along the entire continuum of care is one of brellah’s key initiatives.

Movement HQ


Movement HQ works alongside brellah to compliment the holistic approach to patient care. MHQ allows patients to practice functional movement exercises to improve mobility and ultimately quality of life. Our partners at Movement HQ are experts in their field and help with everything from physical therapy to active ageing to yoga classes.

Active Ageing

Strength & Balance ● Falls Prevention ● Total Body Stretch  ● Seniors Yoga ● Seniors Pilates ● Zumba

Functional Movement

Calisthenics Primal Movement ● Total Body Stretch Yoga ● Pilates ● Barre Attack ● Handstand ● Kettle Bell Classes ● ViPR ● TRX ● Animal Flow ● X Training

Clinical Pre-hab and Rehab

Cardiac rehab ● Weight loss ● Strength & Conditioning ● Functional Movement

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Are you a medical professional that is interested in revolutionising the healthcare system? Are you passionate about trying new innovative care models that improve patient outcomes? Interested in working for a high functioning, collaborative and growing team at Brellah?

If yes to the above, good news we are hiring! Please send your CV to info@brellah.com.au