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A confidential and discreet detox service in the comfort of your own home


Did you know:

  • Australians are amongst the heaviest drinkers in the world; and
  • The risks of cancer, injury and cardiovascular disease outweigh any health benefits of drinking alcohol


Brellah’s Home Alcohol Detox Program may be for you, if you have recently come to an awareness that your relationship with alcohol is an unhealthy one, or that it’s impacting both yourself and your loved ones. Perhaps you are looking for a way to take back control of your life both now and in the long-term. As part of our program, you have the opportunity to work with trained clinical professionals including a Drug and Alcohol Specialist and a Mental Health Practitioner to help you detox successfully, with long-term relapse prevention strategies to keep you on track.


What does it involve? 


Initial Appointments

You will be assessed by our Alcohol Detox Program Core team comprising a Drug and Alcohol Specialist, Mental Health Professional and Registered Nurse. This will entail two 1-hour appointments to screen and assess for your suitability to home detox, understand your personal goals, and where relevant, feedback provided to your referring doctor.


5-Day Detox Phase

This involves daily appointments with one of our Core Team Members at Brellah’s clinic for the first three days (Wed, Thurs, Fri) to monitor your progress and keep an eye out for withdrawal symptoms. Medication will also be prescribed daily to help you feel more comfortable and reduce those withdrawal symptoms.


Relapse Prevention Phase

This involves check-ins with our Drug and Alcohol Specialist, and may include prescribing anti-craving medication to help you stay on track. Ongoing psychological support will also be provided to help you successfully navigate life sober, manage cravings, and address any underlying issues that may have contributed to an unhealthy relationship with alcohol.

As a participant in our program, we treat you as a whole-person: you’ll have access to our full suite of healthcare professionals including specialists, nutritional and exercise support.