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Movement HQ Our on-site fitness and movement centre

When the need to make a change, meets the desire to make it happen, things really get moving. Designed to help everyone achieve their desired fitness level, whatever that may be, Movement HQ, our on-site fitness centre, offers classes that bring people together in an energised, supportive environment.

Our movement programs range from everyday fitness, core strength and stability training right through to rehabilitation and injury prevention. Just like Brellah, Movement HQ makes healthier living a team effort.

What Are Your Fitness Goals?

With a diverse range of classes tailored to all levels of fitness, and individual support when you need it most, Movement HQ helps you work towards your fitness goals.

The Movement Specialists

Our trainers have a wealth of experience, and are carefully chosen to support a diverse range of community needs.

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You’ll soon feel at home in Movement HQ’s state-of-the-art gym, multi-purpose floor areas and private class studios.

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The best way to experience Movement HQ is to see for yourself. Share your details to arrange a tour and have a chat about your fitness goals.

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