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Osteopathy Osteopathy regards the body as a single integrated system and aims to improve efficient movement within and across its structure. Treatment includes massage, joint stretch, and fascial release with clear advice on postural and movement rehabilitation.

Our clinically trained osteopaths can help you with a range of muscular issues which might be impacting you to manage day-to-day activities. Osteopaths use manual therapy interventions as well as education and associated lifestyle advice to improve movement, reduce pain and manage and/or treat a range of physical impairments.

When should I see an osteopath?

  • For assessment and management of an injury or impairment or to explore the risk of possible injury based upon the way you move
  • To examine the various factors which could be impacting the way you move such as biomechanical, neural and/or musculoskeletal
  • For advice on posture, positioning, improving body alignment, physical strength and/or conditioning
  • Developmental and milestone checks in children, including orthopaedic and motor control assessment
  • Functional capacity assessment of injured workers for return to work planning

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