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A holistic approach to health and wellness has grown in popularity in recent years across a variety of medical settings around the world.

A holistic approach to health and wellness has grown in popularity in recent years across a variety of medical settings around the world.

Holistic health aims for well co-ordinated care by bringing together a variety of health and wellness professionals to care for the whole person.

Since the human body functions as an interconnected unit, a holistic health care approach focusses on the connection of body, mind and lifestyle factors to enable long-term wellbeing of patients.

The benefits of Holistic Health Care

At Brellah Medical Centre, we are big advocates of a holistic (also known as a multidisciplinary) approach because:

  • It addresses the main cause of the problem rather than just dealing with the symptoms
  • It focusses on overall wellness and prevention, and not just specific diseases
  • By taking the whole body into account it may be more effective in focussing on long term solutions for existing illnesses
  • Whilst medications have their place, you won’t be prescribed an abundance of drugs to treat one issue, that may be potentially more harmful for your body
  • You’ll learn to live a more balanced lifestyle, with increased self-awareness.

You may even develop exciting new habits such as a passion for a particular type of exercise, or love for specific types of food.

A classic example that benefits from a holistic approach to healthcare is stress.

Stress is a psychological response, which may lead to physical symptoms such as higher blood pressure, headaches, weight gain, and body aches. It can also interfere with your sleep which may give rise to other physical, mental and cognitive issues.

Studies show that reducing the causes of your stress may reduce the incidence of headaches, raised blood pressure and other symptoms.

Understanding this, doctors who take an integrated, more holistic approach to healthcare don’t just treat your symptoms.

They consider the bigger picture, finding out about you — your overall health and your lifestyle — so they can make personalised recommendations to treat your illness and improve your wellbeing.

Checking off all the issues

With the Brellah Holistic Health Care Service, we’ll start with some medical observations by our practice nurse. and chat to you about your wellness concerns so we can uncover all the causes of your issues.

We’ll then draw in the relevant healthcare professionals from within our practice who together will apply a variety of clinically proven therapies — from medication, to nutrition, specialist medical care, exercise and potentially psychological counselling.

In addition, we may also recommend specific evidence-based alternative therapies, such as massage, Pilates or stretching for supportive care.

For example, if you have stomach pain or headaches frequently, rather than our GP simply prescribing medication – we may recommend that you see a Dietician to review your nutritional intake to see if that is causing headaches and inflammation, and also an Exercise Physiologist to look at your daily movement patterns.

Our Mental Health Nurse can also check in with you about your stress and anxiety, which may cause the pain or arise from your discomfort — and help with mental health support if you need it.

Simply put, rather than treating the pain, under the Brellah Holistic Health Care service we’ll treat you as a whole person, and use all the expertise within our network to help you manage it.

Collaboration – all from the one location

Rather than make a general recommendation to “exercise more” or send you across Sydney to see different specialists, your healthcare team will meet with you – together in our comfortable patient care lounge.

That means consolidated visits to the clinic instead of several – saving you time and money and keeping your team of specialists in the loop with shared information – so they can apply the most appropriate level of care that you need.

Making wellness achievable – and more cost effective

We all know we should eat healthier foods, drink more water, exercise more, sleep well and live a well balanced lifestyle.

But the reality of life means we’re juggling priorities or lack the willpower or knowledge, which doesn’t make it that easy.

As a team, we’re here to work with you – we’re here to motivate, empower and inform you with evidence based healthcare solutions.

Meet your Brellah Integrated Health Care team

Whether your needs are to improve your health, assist with weight loss, facilitate healthy ageing, or deal with womens’ or mens’ health specific issues our holistic health care team can work together to help you.

This article is for information purposes only. It does not constitute medical advice, is general in nature, not tailored to your personal circumstances and you should seek your own medical advice from an independent medical professional with regards to what options are best for you.